About Mathira

She is the girl with the most riveting show on television. Racy, raunchy, scandalous and morally upright with a heaving bosom and clothes that amplify it, Mathira is an anomaly. She is not an apa baji (like many of our oh so shareef talk show hosts) and she doesn’t fit into the chulbuli, wide-eyed veejay category either. No, not at all, Mathira is definitely a very naughty girl. In her, a small time television channel has their biggest hit. People tune in to her show for entertainment value where callers call in and flirt with her and she flirts back while rudely brushing them off equally flirtatiously. The show is tackorama through and through but in a way that makes it a laugh out loud roller coaster.
Mathira is immensely popular on Youtube as well. A recent clip of hers that did rounds through emails and all over Facebook featured a called who was complimenting her on her looks, her clothes, her hair, her show and what have you.

Mathira, with her hair done up in a long long braid kept on accepting the compliments leading him on in a hilariously flirtatious exchange that lead to the gentleman wanting to be suckled like a baby, of course he said it in Urdu and very directly. Of course, then he had to face the (faux) wrath of Mathira who told him that he was frustrated and that he needed to get laid or get a wife to take it out on! Of course, the whole episode was probably a set up but that it made the rounds show how people, men and women alike, love to be titillated.

So here’s to the new cheap thrill icon Mathira, who is unlike anything we have ever seen on television before – let’s face it, her only predecessor was Begum Nawazish Ali. This is a woman doing camp and doing it well. Love her or hate her, you can’t ignore her. And that she has managed to gain such popularity (or notoriety) on a channel with minimal ratings is commendable. Bottom line is that sex sells and on the telly in the land of the pure, Mathira is the closest you can get!.